Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

Willie Hutch

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Soul Portrait (RCA 1969)

Seasons For Love (RCA 1970)

The Mack (Motown 1973)

Fully Exposed (Motown 1973)

Foxy Brown (Motown 1975)

Mark of the Beast (Motown 1975)

Ode to My Lady (Motown 1975)

Concert in Blues [live] (Motown 1976)

Colour Her Sunshine (Motown 1976)

Havin' a House Party (Motown 1977)

In Tune (Whitfield 1979)

Midnight Dancer (Whitfield 1980)

In & Out (Motown 1983)

Making A Game Of Love (Motown 1985)

From the Heart (GGIT 1994)

The Mack is Back (Midwest 1996)

Sexalicious (Midwest 2002)