Samstag, 24. Januar 2009

van mccoy - my favorite fantasy (1978)

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A1 That's The Story Of My Life (2:57)
A2 That's Why I Love You So Much (3:40)
A3 Two Points (3:28)
A4 Right Now (3:23)
A5 You're So Right For Me (3:22)
B1 My Favourite Fantasy (3:20)
B2 Before & After (3:10)
B3 Trying To Make The Best Of It (2:47)
B4 I Choose Love As My Weapon (5:09)
B5 Wings Of Love (5:24)

kid creole & the coconuts - tropical gangsters (1982)

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A1 Annie (I'm Not Your Daddy) (6:26)
A2 I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby (5:16)
A3 Imitation (4:12)
A4 I'm Corrupt (4:11)
B1 Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me (4:48)
B2 Stool Pigeon (4:59)
B3 The Love We Have (5:12)
B4 No Fish Today (4:48)

dyson's faces - dyson's faces (1975)


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A1 What You Gonna Say Today
A2 Happy Days Again
A3 Welcome To All This Love Again
A4 Don't Worry About The Joneses
B1 We're Two Fools In Love
B2 Wait A Minute Girl
B3 Nosey People

flavor - in good taste (1976)

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A1 Push The Past (3:34)
A2 Human Horns Intro/Got To Do (4:32)
A3 Lost Love (3:57)
A4 Magnifico (3:39)
B1 Can't Stand It No More (4:31)
B2 One Way Ticket (3:40)
B3 Don't Freeze Up (4:43)
B4 Body (5:09)