Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

anderson, vicki - message from a soul sister

She was one of the Best Backdoor Singers of the James Brown Band!!!

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A1 The Message From The Soul Sisters
A2 I'll Work It Out
A3 Sound Funky
A4 In The Land Of Milk And Honey
A5 Don't Throw Your Love In The Garbage Can
B1 Super Good
B2 Answer To Mother Popcorn
B3 I'm Too Tough For Mr Big Stuff (Hot Pants)
B4 Once You Get Started
B5 You're Welcome, Stop On By

crystal grass - dance up a storm (1979)

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A1 Dream On (3:55)
A2 Now And Forever (2:58)
A3 I Sure Like The Change (2:54)
A4 I Wanna Thank You For The MUsic (4:51)
A5 You Can Be What You Dream (3:26)
B1 Dance Up A Storm (3:41)
B2 Fio Maravilha -Taj Mahal (3:58)
B3 Stop Talkin....Dance (2:56)
B4 Lemme See Ya Gitchyer Thing Off, Baby Husle (4:10)

bernard lubat and his mad ducks (1974)

very rare!!! check the mad ducks :-)

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A-01 Pappy Thomas
A-02 To Yasmina
A-03 Vendredi chez Astrid Trassoudaine
B-01 Shouara
B-02 Au bon livre (Ode to Malcolm Lowry)
B-03 Mickey Schroeder's dreams

strutt - time moves on (1976)

check it out...its a fuckin Bomb!!! i love this rekord!!!!

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A1 Time Moves On (5:58)
A2 Said You Didn't Love Him (3:15)
A3 Front Row Romeo (Instrumental) (4:21)
A4 We've Come Long Way Baby (4:18)
A5 Funky Sign (3:47)
B1 Front Row Romeo (4:21)
B2 If Wishing Made It So (4:36)
B3 Funky Baby Feet (3:42)
B4 Said You Didn't Love Her (Instrumental) (3:15)