Dienstag, 17. Februar 2009

magic lady - hot 'n' sassy (1982)

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A1 Sexy Body
A2 Hold Tight
A3 When We Love
A4 Stand Up
B1 Freaky
B2 Give It Up
B3 Shake
B4 Get Off
B5 Red Hot Stuff

eramus hall - your love is my desire (1980)

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A1 Your Love Is My Desire (4:44)
A2 She Shined A Light (4:05)
A3 Feelin' Higher (3:53)
A4 Think Positively (3:48)
B1 Stuck In The Mudd (3:19)
B2 Just Me And You (4:51)
B3 Funk Permit (2:42)
B4 Superfunk (4:08)
B5 Will You Love Me Tomorrow (As You Do Today) (4:59)