Montag, 3. November 2008

Lee Fields - Problems

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A1 Problems (3:16)
A2 The Right Thing (3:34)
A3 Rapping With Lee (3:56)
A4 Bad Trip (3:25)
A5 Get On The Good Foot (3:54)
B1 I Don't Know Where I'm Going (2:55)
B2 Clap Your Hands (3:01)
B3 Honey Dove (3:24)
B4 I'm The Man (3:07)
B5 You Made A New Man Out Of Me (3:23)

Charles Earland - Leaving This Planet

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A1 Leaving The Planet (7:29)
A2 Red Clay (7:05)
A3 Warp Factor 8 (6:18)
B1 Brown Eyes (12:50)
B2 Asteroid (6:51)
C1 Mason's Galaxy (7:17)
C2 No Me Esqueca (Don't Forget Me) (7:41)
C3 Tyner (6:03)
D1 Van Jay (8:55)
D2 Never Ending Melody (9:45)

Lee Fields - Lets Get A Groove On

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A1 Intro By Mr Fields
A2 Let's Get A Groove On
A3 Watch That Man
A4 Hey Sallie Mae (Get Off My Feet)
A5 Let A Man Do What He Wanna Do
A6 All By Myself
B1 Put It On Me
B2 Take It Or Leave It
B3 Steam Train
B4 I'm A Millionaire
B5 Bad, Bad, Bad