Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

Alice Clark - Alice Clark (1972)

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A1 I Keep It Hid (3:27)
A2 Looking At Life (3:10)
A3 Don't Worry Why (3:22)
A4 Maybe This Time (3:18)
A5 Never Did I Stop Loving You (2:34)
B1 Charms Of The Arms Of Love (2:38)
B2 Don't You Care (2:49)
B3 It Takes Too Long To Learn To Live Alone (3:34)
B4 Hard Hard Promises (3:05)
B5 Hey Girl (3:16)


GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…

crateman302 hat gesagt…

Shes got a great voice thanks!

the soulsoup hat gesagt…

quality soul man big thanks

pinkpob hat gesagt…

thanks ghost

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