Sonntag, 30. November 2008

ambassadors - soul summit (arctic 1969)

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01 - Ambassadors - I Really Love You
02 - Ambassadors - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
03 - Ambassadors - Music (Makes You Wanna Dance
04 - Ambassadors - You Gave Me Somebody To Love
05 - Ambassadors - Storm Warning
06 - Ambassadors - Ain't Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Min
07 - Ambassadors - I Dig You Baby
08 - Ambassadors - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
09 - Ambassadors - AWOL (Away Without Love)
10 - Ambassadors - Yes I'm Ready-I'll Try Something New
11 - Ambassadors - If I'm All You Got (I'm All You Need)
12 - Ambassadors - Ain't No Sun Since You'Ve Been Gone
13 - Ambassadors - Proud Of My Baby
14 - Ambassadors - Happiness


GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…

cutz hat gesagt…

another great record thx ghost

Tommy hat gesagt…

thanks ghost


this is another ill album...i bet...i mean..the norman feels joint was so dope...i know this got some gems on here

Tom hat gesagt…

Thanks for the music Ghost

Chewo hat gesagt…

ill record - cant velive its 69!?

per aspera ad astra hat gesagt…

Tolles Album. Danke!

Bill_Crates hat gesagt…

Niiiiice love this group thanks for this!

tswift98 hat gesagt…

great record thank u

jaguar hat gesagt…

Great group on a top label.

Many thanks Ghost.

the soulsoup hat gesagt…

thanks again

Anonymous hat gesagt…

Some great old records. Thanks again for sharing!

pinkpob hat gesagt…