Dienstag, 18. November 2008

muscle shoals horns - doin' to the bone (1977)

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A1 Dance To The Music (3:43)
A2 Addicted To Your Love (4:24)
A3 I Just Wanna Turn You On (4:06)
A4 A Love For You [And A Love For Me] (4:37)
A5 What's Goin' Down (3:34)
B1 Sexual Revolution (4:00)
B2 Can't Break The Habit (3:26)
B3 Keep On Playin' That Funky Music (3:58)
B4 Doin' It To The Bone (3:27)
B5 Beware Of The Rip-Off (4:50)


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Crazy post!

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Zertr�mmern. or is it
Zerschlagen or Zertrümmern

the english word is smashing.
not to sure about these translation