Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

the ritchie family - i'll do my best (1982 rca)

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A1 I'll Do My Best (For You Baby) (5:22)
Mixed By - Michael H. Brauer
Written By - A. Thornton , G. Salerni , M. Malavasi
A2 This Loves On Me (4:51)
Written By - J. Marcellino
A3 One And Only (4:30)
Written By - Z. Conkerite
A4 You Can Always Count On Me (4:15)
Written By - H. Smith , W. Gay
B1 Walk With Me (4:19)
Written By - G. Mathieson , T. Veitch
B2 Alright On The Night (5:04)
Written By - D. Rose
B3 Tonight I Need To Have Your Love (4:08)
Written By - H. Smith
B4 You've Got Me Dancin' (4:50)
Written By - H. Smith


GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…


82, 83-84 is the latest, i'm really iffy about lookn into becuz...the music'd like to see what gems are on here

RePeat hat gesagt…

Thnz Ghost

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D'tect hat gesagt…

lookin' good Ghost.... thanks...

firemanbi hat gesagt…

man ghost dont even sweat it bro if i have to say thankson every post then ill do it bro your the best.....

Soul Bonanza hat gesagt…

Hi! Chris from Stockholm here! Got your email

MUSIC MEIHO hat gesagt…

Thank you

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