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Donny Hathaway Discography

1970 - Everything Is Everything

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A1 Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) (3:28)
A2 Je Vous Aime (I Love You) (3:31)
A3 Believe To My Soul (3:51)
A4 Misty (3:37)
A5 Sugar Lee (4:03)
A6 Tryin' Times (3:13)
B1 Thank You Master (For My Soul) (5:50)
B2 The Ghetto (6:57)
B3 To Be Young, Gifted And Black (6:45)

1971 - Donny Hathaway

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A1 Giving Up (6:17)
A2 A Song For You (5:24)
A3 Little Girl (4:43)
A4 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (5:51)
B1 Magnificent Sanctuary Band (4:18)
B2 She Is My Lady (5:28)
B3 I Believe In Music (3:34)
B4 Take A Love Song (4:47)
B5 Put Your Hand In The Hand (3:42)

1972 - come back charleston blue soundtrack

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A1 Main Theme (2:20)
A2 Basie (3:54)
A3 String Segue (0:34)
A4.1 Vegetable Wagon (1:07)
A4.2 Harlem Dawn (1:38)
A4.3 Scratchy Record (3:09)
A4.4 Explosion (0:24)
A5.1 Hearse To Graveyard (2:46)
A5.2 Switch "Charleston Blue" (0:32)
B1.1 Come Back Basie (2:37)
B1.2 Detective's Goof (0:27)
B1.3 Gravedigger Jones & Coffin Ed's Funeral (3:00)
B1.4 String Segue (0:19)
B2 Little Ghetto Boy (3:49)
B3.1 Hail To The Queen (0:21)
B3.2 Drag Queen Chase (0:48)
B3.3 Bossa Nova (1:47)
B4 Tim's High (1:30)
B5 Furniture Truck (1:18)
B6.1 Liberation (2:54)
B6.2 Come Back Charleston Blue (2:05)

1973 - Extension of a Man

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1 I Love The Lord ; He Heard Me Cry (Parts I & II) (5:32)
2 Someday We'll All Be Free (4:14)
3 Flying Easy (3:13)
4 Valdez In The Country (3:33)
5 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (5:23)
6 Come Little Children (4:35)
7 Love, Love, Love (3:25)
8 The Slums (5:11)
9 Magdalena (3:08)
10 I Know It's You (5:13)
11 Lord Help Me (4:07)

1990 - Donny Hathaway Collection

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1 A Song For You (5:28)
2 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (5:22)
3 You Were Meant For Me (3:51)
4 Back Together Again (4:50)
5 Where Is The Love (2:45)
6 For All We Know (3:40)
7 Someday We'll All Be Free (4:13)
8 Giving Up (6:23)
9 The Closer I Get To You (4:41)
10 You Are My Heaven (4:13)
11 What's Going On (5:23)
12 The Ghetto (6:54)
13 Young Gifted And Black (6:45)
14 You've Got A Friend (3:26)
15 This Christmas (4:09)


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