Montag, 5. Januar 2009

the philarmonics - masters in philadelphia (1977)

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A1 For Elise (4:37)
Composed By - Beethoven*
A2 Lullaby (4:11)
Composed By - Brahms*
A3 Prince Igor 1st Theme From Polovetsian Dance (4:17)
Composed By - Borodin*
A4 Symphony No. 5 From The New World (4:30)
Composed By - Dvorak*
B1 Piano Concerto (3:15)
Composed By - Tchaïkovsky*
B2 Reverie (4:10)
Composed By - Schumann*
B3 1812 Ouverture (6:18)
Composed By - Tchaïkovsky*
B4 A La Turka (3:39)
Composed By - Mozart*


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