Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009

tavares - madam butterfly (1979)

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A1 Straight From Your Heart
A2 Games, Games
A3 Madame Butterfly
A4 Let Me Heal The Bruises
B1 Never Had A Love Like This Before
B2 One Telephone Call Away
B3 My Love Calls
B4 Positive Forces
B5 I'm Back For More


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Thank you very much!!!

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thnx ghost

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peter o'flaherty hat gesagt…

hi ghosty just recently discovered your amazing site I used to have a lot of these albums including this tavares one which is one of my favs from seventies.
I love big vocals walter jackson etc.. also harmonies such as tavares temptations dells etc...
I have to say your site is the best I have ever seen for quality soul music absolutely superb !