Montag, 9. März 2009

Jimmy Lewis - still wanna be black

Really tight LP...

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1. Message To The Ladies
2. It Ain't What's On The Woman
3. There Ain't No Man That Can't Be Caught
4. Is That Any Way To Treat A Lady
5. How Long Is A Heartache Supposed To Last
6. Thank You
7. Go On Live Your Life
8. That Won't Stop Me From Loving You
9. Help Me Understand You
10. I Got My Troubles
11. It's Never Too Late
12. Stop To Start
13. I've Got To Get You Back
14. One Woman's Man
15. When Love Is Gone
16. Midnight Special
17. Friendship Only Goes So Far
18. I Intend To Take Your Place
19. Don't Sit Around
20. Still Wanna Be Black

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z6 hat gesagt…

thx man!

Vegheadz hat gesagt…

nice one Ghost!!!!

cutz hat gesagt…

thx bro

invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

Much Thanks Ghost! Never heard of this one before!

Chris T hat gesagt…

Great album. Thanks Ghosty!

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Tom hat gesagt…

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max hat gesagt…

Yes GOOD FEELING very nice thx
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jaguar hat gesagt…

Great CD from a great singer.

Many thanks Ghost.

flux_is_krux hat gesagt…

Some nice tracks here, thanks

Goofy hat gesagt…

thanks for great album!