Dienstag, 3. März 2009

live with major harris & margie joseph (1976)

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a1 - blue magic, major harris & margie joseph - i love music
a2 - margie joseph - feelings
a3 - margie joseph - ridin' high
a4 - margie joseph - my love
a5 - major harris & margie joseph - you're a special part of me
b1 - major harris - i got over love
b2 - major harris - loving you is mellow
b3 - major harris - love won't let me wait
b4 - blue magic - medley
c1 - blue magic - try to remember~stop to start
c2 - blue magic - chasing rainbows
c3 - blue magic - sideshow
c4 - blue magic - haunted (by your love)
d1 - blue magic & margie joseph - what's come over me
d2 - blue magic - bad luck
d3 - blue magic & margie joseph - i'm gonna make you love me (studio recording)
d4 - blue magic & margie joseph - funny guy, funny girl, funny love (studio recording)



invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

This Looks Great!! Thanks Ghosty!

Anonymous hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot! Great!!!

k02 hat gesagt…

I have been looking for this one forever thanks so much ghost

trakbuv hat gesagt…

Actually found this on another blog - with your password !! Fabulous find, my friend - truly appreciated !!

pinkpob hat gesagt…

love major harris, thanks!

scottdavida hat gesagt…

Love the sound of Margie Joseph.. Thanks

bbowie hat gesagt…

didn't know about this record so thanks so much for the opportunity to hear it!

Chico Marques hat gesagt…

Had this album 30 years ago. Never thought I'd ever be able to hear it again. Thank you