Freitag, 22. Mai 2009

Controllers - In Control (1977)

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01 - Controllers - People Want Music
02 - Controllers - Heaven Is Only One Step Away
03 - Controllers - This Train
04 - Controllers - You Ain't Foolin Me
05 - Controllers - Somebody's Gotta Win, Somebody's Gotta Lose
06 - Controllers - The Reaper
07 - Controllers - Sho 'nuff A Blessin'

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The Basement hat gesagt…

ghost, i just won the bidding for the happy endings lp. ill get that to you asap, should be less than a week depending on delivery time. in the mean time thanks for this. if theres anything else out there you think might be worth grabbin let me know. that was actually pretty cheap. i pay alot more for vinyls usually. danke sehr. peace.

Simon666 hat gesagt…

Thanks for this!

RePeat hat gesagt…

thnx ghhost