Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

Emotions - sunshine (1977)

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01 - shouting out love
02 - gee whiz (look at his eyes)
03 - i really miss you
04 - ain't no sunshine
05 - runnin' back (and forth)
06 - anyway you look at it
07 - baby, i'm through
08 - innocent
09 - put a little love away
10 - i've fallen in love
11 - i wanna come back
12 - peace be still
13 - what do the lonely do at christmas
14 - i call this loving you

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alex hat gesagt…

thanks for this grearop ghosty!
hope you had a great vacation m8!

jaguar hat gesagt…

Great LP.

Thanks Ghost.

Max hat gesagt…


hooch hat gesagt…

Thanks ghosty!

RePeat hat gesagt…

thnx ghostt

Cartyharty hat gesagt…

Superb LP

Thanks Ghost

Tom hat gesagt…

Nice one here

the rapper hat gesagt…

Another great share! U da Man Ghost!