Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

please - manilla thriller (1976)

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01 - Please yourself
03 - Side by side
04 - Good stuff
05 - you got the power
06 - Ego trippin
07 - Something new
08 - Gonna get you
09 - I'm gonna take care of business
10 - Flaming lady

listen here


invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

never seen this!! Thanks.

cutz hat gesagt…

nice one ghost

Juppel50 hat gesagt…

Danke vielmals

Psych-Soul-Sensation hat gesagt…

reminds me of the cover for coke escovedo, hope it's as funky as this is new to me THANKS!

Soul Bonanza hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghost, never seen this or hear of this before!

the rapper hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghosty! Never heard of them before!