Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009

Respect Magicsoul!!!! The Bodega Blog is dead....

Debbie Taylor - Comin' down on ya (Today 1972)

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01 no if's and's or but's
02 (i just can't believe i'm) touching you
03 too sad to tell
04 second to none
05 romance without finance
06 leaving him tomorrow
07 no deposit, no return
08 eye doctor
09 jeremiah

listen here

and another great LP from Magicsoul!!!!

four mints - gently down your stream (cap soul 1973)

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the four mints01 - you're my desire
the four mints02 - row my boat
the four mints03 - why did i go
the four mints04 - do you really love me
the four mints05 - too far gone
the four mints06 - you'll want to come back
the four mints07 - keep on loving you
the four mints08 - in a rut
the four mints09 - can't get strung out
the four mints10 - they were wrong

listen here

i found on this blog a few very tight lp´s!!!


trakbuv hat gesagt…

MAJEEEEEEK ?!! In the words of Marsha Hunt :

'Oh No, Not the BODEGA !!'

Man, that's cold. Another institution crumbles. Will contact you, bro' - hope its all good.


GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…

yes all good Track!!!! hope youre doin well, dude :-)

Tommy hat gesagt…

damn hate to hear that about magic ... good spot

thanks ghost

The Basement hat gesagt…

ghost, thanks so much for this. i was gonna buy this after i heard the first 2 tracks at a friends house, but you saved me the money, time, work, and aggrivation of looking at 20-30 different local record stores. thanks alot. your time and generosity are greatly appreciated. much love and respect. peace

Buns O'Plenty hat gesagt…

awesome post, love the capsoul label! thx for the link to my blog too

Psych-Soul-Sensation hat gesagt…

Thanks for debbie taylor, I didn't know that one. The four mints LP is excellent as well