Freitag, 1. Mai 2009

the soul searchers - We The People (1972)

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01 We The People
02 Your Love Is So Doggone Good
03 It's All In Your Mind
04 Soul To The People
05 Think
06 1993
07 When Will My Eyes See
08 Blowout

listen Here


Goofy hat gesagt…

Ghostfinger, you have great soul albums on your site. Some artists I have not even heard about before. Anyway, thanks for your taking the time to post them.

Juan hat gesagt…

Fantastic - great album

alex hat gesagt…

many thanks for this ghosty!
do you have any other of thlbums please?

Tom hat gesagt…

Hope the vacation treated you right, nice to have you back. Thanks

RonnieCreed hat gesagt…

ayyo ghosty! thanks for this! :) i haven't been here for a while since i've been extra busy with my life.... ...but it's good to be back here and see youre still dropping these gems.. mad respect ghosty :)