Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Wayne Mcghie & The Sounds Of Joy - Same (1970)

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a1 na na hey hey kiss him goodbye
a2 when i think of home
a3 take a letter maria
a4 woman be good
a5 dirty funk
b1 going in circles
b2 fire (she needs water)
b3 by the time i get to phoenix
b4 cool it
b5 i can see mother nature

listen here


flageolette hat gesagt…

Many thanks M8!!

The Basement hat gesagt…

ghost, i don't have the happy endings lp, but i am watching one on ebay and it ends in 3 days and its cheap so imma buy it then after i get it ill rip it and email it to you or post a link on my blog. i dont know what way to communicate other than in your comments so just hit me up on my cbox and get me your email or ill just up it and then hit you up in another comment. I didnt d/l this album but i think im gonna get it after i leave this comment. thanks alot. danke sehr!

invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

This Looks Good Too!! Much Appreciated!

tswift98 hat gesagt…

Great album! Thanks!!

Tommy hat gesagt…

great selection ghost, thanks again

Soul Bonanza hat gesagt…

Cool post - many thanks Ghosty!

Chris T hat gesagt…

Very soulful album!Nuff thanks GhostFinger.

taqr hat gesagt…

Totally fresh to me - many thanks for tickling my eardrums, Ghosty !