Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

jet brown - jet brown (1979)

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really rare and a fuckin great record!

A1 Only Love Can Make It Right
A2 Stay With Me
A3 Living Together
B1 Dance The Night Away
B2 It's The Music
B3 Take A Little Love

listen here


The Basement hat gesagt…

ghost i just got that lp today so ill rip it tonight for you. the betty everett happy endings. im gonna rip it tonight after the hockey game. LETS GO PENS! this upload looks like its awesome too, danke sehr. as soon as i get the email ill send you the whole lp or a link if it dont fit as an attachment. plus ill throw in some pics to prove im not just rippin it off another site. peace.


The Basement hat gesagt…

i need your email though, i deleted your last message and i didnt save it. sorry. hit us up. basementproductions412@yahoo.com

cutz hat gesagt…

thx ghost looks good

Tommy hat gesagt…

thank you ghost

Lexi hat gesagt…

fierce disco soul album... this one is HOT!

k02 hat gesagt…


invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

Damn!! You're crazy for this one Ghost!!

ALG-Funk hat gesagt…

big thx l'ami