Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

father's children - father's children (1979)

i make a beat with the Song: Gone Bad... check Beat itchy 1 here

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Father's Children - Dance Do It
Father's Children - Gone Bad
Father's Children - Got to get away
Father's Children - Hollywood Dreaming
Father's Children - Music for your mind
Father's Children - Music use it
Father's Children - Shine on
Father's Children - Wilde Woman
Father's Children - You can get it

listen here


invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

Much Thanks Ghost!! Nice Tracks as well. I really like itchy 09-1 and itchy 09-5. Peace

cutz hat gesagt…

thx ghosty

Elias hat gesagt…

Ghosty, I am searching for a long time for a record of a singer called Fresh Celeste of 1989. The title is “Solo & telling the truth”. Do you have it in your collection? Thanks in advance.

hooch hat gesagt…

thanks ghosty!

RePeat hat gesagt…

thnx ghost

2timez hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

hey there !!
nice post just got this record as vynil !! juhuu

there s one track missing in this post !!??

my grandma

is it a reedition with bonus i got ?
i can upload the song if you need

bobbysu hat gesagt…

thank you so much