Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

Harvey Scales - Hot Foot (1979)

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A1 Hot Foot (Theme) (4:03)
A2 Disco Fire (5:49)
A3 I Get Off On You (6:19)
A4 Rock Your Body (4:30)
B1 Dancing Room Only (6:43)
B2 Keeps Getting Better (5:58)
B3 (Show Up) For The Showdown (7:40)

listen here


Max hat gesagt…

Supe'rb big up !

Simon666 hat gesagt…

Thanks for both of these Harvey Scales albums Ghost - kinda Willie Hutch feel? Some great tracks here ;)

GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…


Simon666 hat gesagt…

Ha! Nice collection :)

We've got a few more over here as well :


hooch hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghosty!

invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

Much Thanks Ghost!! Love these Harvey Scales LPs.

RePeat hat gesagt…

thnx ghost

troods hat gesagt…

Thank you. And to you too Simon. You're also a top soul site. Great stuff, ghost.