Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (ABC 1978) AA-1045

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Produced by Lamont Dozier

-Side A-

1. Time Machine
[lamont dozier/barbara ullman]

2. Wonder Woman
[lamont dozier]

3. What Kind Of Man Do I Have To Be
[lamont dozier/ron coleman]

4. Fly Away (To My Wonderland)
[lamont dozier/mckinley jackson]

-Side B-

5. Larry's Theme
[lamont dozier/r.coleman]

6. Love And Understanding Is The Answer
[lamont dozier

7. Holdin On
[bunny sigler/dexter wansel]

8. When We Can

9. Mister D.J.

listen here


RePeat hat gesagt…

Thnx Ghost

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Thanks ! Man YOU ROCK :D

Daniel hat gesagt…

Also sampled on The A.L.L.I.E.S. "Change Ya Ways" - 9th's work - peep YouTube:

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great stuff, thanks for this ghost

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Much Thanks Ghost!! Looks Great!

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