Montag, 27. Juli 2009

the moments - a moment with the moments (1970)

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01 - If I Didn't Care
02 - So This Is Our Goodbye
03 - Where
04 - I've Got To Keep On Loving You
05 - Lovely Way She Loves
06 - Key To My Happiness
07 - Rocky Raccoon
08 - I Do
09 - Love On A Two-Way Street

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BillyMac hat gesagt…

Thank you. I've been looking for this for 20 years!

Killa hat gesagt…

Me Too Ive been lookin for this and Not on the outside for the last ten yrs I know. Thanks a Mill Ghost

Anonym hat gesagt…

Visit my new YouTube Channel, please:


See you around,


Max hat gesagt…

"RE" Thanks Ultime Soul ! Big UP

the rapper hat gesagt…

Thanks for these two Moments albums Ghosty! Much appreciated!

DJ Kool Kut Cee hat gesagt…

Thank you 4 these 2 Albums. Great work!!!

Vegheadz hat gesagt…

another slick one ghost! thanks

GodFatha Mello Gee hat gesagt…

Thanks Bro. Been Lookin 4 This.