Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

Ace Spectrum - Just Like In The Movies (1976)

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Groovecollector: Maybe not the best soul album what I have ever heard in my life. Not so rare, but every tracks are killer modern soul tunes like "Live and Learn", "Sweet music soft lights",...

special thanx to opossum (Leipzig/Germany) :-)

A1. Live And Learn
A2. Magic Touch
A3. Sooner Or Later
A4. Sweet Sugar Daddy
B1. Sweet Music, Soft Lights And You
B2. Just Like In The Movies
B3. I Can't Keep Holding On
B4. Live And Learn

listen here


FASTMAN hat gesagt…

Immer wieder für eine Ueberraschung
gut....vielen Dank

troods hat gesagt…

I will certainly turn this one on and see if it turns me on! Like ace spectrum. Thank you.

soulboy hat gesagt…

thanks for sharing this wonderful album

Anonym hat gesagt…