Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

The Electric Indian - Keem-O-Sabe (1969)

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Very rare! @256kbs

Soul, Nice killer breaks !!!! with " rain dance " a special bboy dancers.

Easy listening concept album powered by Vince Montana Jr with Groovy covers of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine", "My Cherie Amour" & other real stomper tune.

A1 Keem-O-Sabe (2:10)
A2 I Heard It Through The Grapevine (3:10)
A3 Spinning Wheel (3:05)
A4 Storm Warning (2:18)
A5 Rain Dance (2:10)
B1 Geronimo (5:15)
B2 Only The Strong Survive (2:27)
B3 My Cherie Amour (3:12)
B4 What Does It Take To Win Your Love (3:07)
B5 1-2-3 (2:20)

listen here


fafaflava hat gesagt…

another cover of spinning wheel I was unaware of!!

Thanks ghostfinger!

Tommy hat gesagt…

looks great

FASTMAN hat gesagt…


Lafayette hat gesagt…

Dang, you beat me to the punch, Ghosty! :D

troods hat gesagt…

Can't do it. No one would call an album "electric jew" or an other ethnic group. really offensive title. Not your fault ghost. Just personally can't listen to it.

Anonym hat gesagt…

raight dumb to not listen to something because the title offends you. PC wack shit.
OF course I sympathize with the american indians plight and all the theft pillaging and rape americans did to the, but its a fuckin record!!

Thanks for this one ghostdog!

Anonym hat gesagt…


you are a fool not to listen to this. 'rain dance' is a bboi anthem (or should be). the track is on fire. respect teh game.

soulman1949 hat gesagt…

Heard Keem-o-sabe for the first time last night on a Belgian popcorn music station. What a brill track, really pleased to find it. Thanks.

gregg hat gesagt…


GodFatha Mello Gee hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghost.

the saucer people hat gesagt…

It is such a shame that Electric Indian's most well known track (in England anyway!), the instrumental version of the 1969 7 inch single 'Land Of 1000 Dances' is not included on the album (nor the vocal version for that matter which was also released as a 7 inch single in the same year) can hear both versions thanks to some kind souls who posted them up on YT.

There is also a track called 'Broad Street' which featured as a b-side track to Keem-O-Sabe and is apparently a total killer groove though unfortunately I will have to take somebody elses word for that as I have yet to hear it (and to confuse matters slightly further there is another 1969 7 inch release of Keem-O-Sabe with the track I already mentioned 'Land Of 1000 Dances'!

Many thanks for sharing anyway, ghosty!

ps> for the discoheads out there you may be interested to know that a young Bobby Eli and Vincent Montana Jr were involved with the track who would later of course form the backbone to MFSB (and it is hard to imagine seventies disco existing in the form it took without the 'philly' factor)..

pps> If anyone has rips of either or both of 'Land Of 1000 Dances' 7 inch singles please leave a message here...or is thinking of buying them as they go for £5 or less each and I would happily pay half for a decent WAV/FLAC copy!