Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

ruby andrews - genuine ruby (1977)

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Classic Stuff @256Kbs

A1 Queen Of The Disco
A2 A Love Feeling
A3 My Imaginary Eye
A4 A Change Is Gonna Come
B1 A Little Fixin Up (Will Keep Him From Messin Up)
B2 Lets Make Every Second A Memory
B3 Merry-Go-Round
B4 Cinderfella
B5 I Wanna Be Near You

listen here


richsoul hat gesagt…

Thank you very much. I had not seen this album.

e-keane hat gesagt…

Thank you for the opportunity to download this classic album. I used to own this album back in the days when the tune Merry Go Round was big on the London Rare Groove/2-Step scene. It may still be locked away in a dusty box up in my attic...but God knows where.
Thank you for the opportunity to revive old, and still good, musical memories.



Fabes hat gesagt…

Danke, schönes Teil! Weiter so :)

alphabet hat gesagt…

Thanks!!! U always puttin' up some heat!!

d.jimenez85 hat gesagt…

Thanks ghost. Your always dropping the best stuff.

d.jimenez85 hat gesagt…

Thanks alot ghost. Cant wait to hear this.

xensma hat gesagt…

thanks ghosty,even if i prefer the black ruby lp(the only work i knew from her) the one you have shared is still a good effort,simply a bit too much disco-ified for my ears.

GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…

thanx for the comments :-)

the rapper hat gesagt…

Thanx Ghosty!

Ben hat gesagt…

Thanks G. I love Ruby. This LP has its hits and misses, but for me, A Love Sound is definitely a hit! That little bass lick… Damn!

Ben hat gesagt…

* I mean A Love Feeling, not Love Sound… though it does sound like love.

troods hat gesagt…

Thank you for adding to my Ruby Andrews collection. Thank you for all the hard work you do for music lovers. It is much appreciated.

Carlos Blanco hat gesagt…

Thank you from Spain.