Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

black merda - black merda (1971)

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A1 Prophet (2:55)
A2 Think Of Me (2:35)
A3 Cynthy-Ruth (3:05)
A4 Over And Over (5:34)
A5 Ashamed (3:55)
B1 Reality (2:00)
B2 Windsong (4:17)
B3 Good Luck (3:48)
B4 That's The Way It Goes (3:14)
B5 I Don't Want To Die (3:58)
B6 Set Me Free (0:40)


GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…

crateman302 hat gesagt…

People so un appreciative! Thanks for this lp ghost!

Walter Clark & Bill Haywood hat gesagt…

It's Merrrrrda! Thank Ghost.

pinkpob hat gesagt…

thanks ghost