Dienstag, 17. März 2009

rainbow brown - rainbow brown (1981)

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A1 Till You Surrender (4:43)
Written-By - P. Adams*
A2 I'm The One (6:04)
Written-By - P. Adams*
A3 Come Let Me Show You The Way (4:54)
Written-By - F. Hauser* , J. Cooksey* , P. Adams*
B1 Let's Go Another Round (4:40)
Written-By - B. Matthes* , S. Lucas*
B2 It Ain't No Big Thing (4:56)
Written-By - B. Carhee* , P. Adams*
B3 Happy Music (5:30)
Written-By - P. Adams*

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truelivin hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghost1 Gonna give it a spin...

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thx ghost

Tommy hat gesagt…

nice thnx

tswift98 hat gesagt…

Thanks ghost.........looks interesting!

flux_is_krux hat gesagt…

Thanks , i like this loud rip, had a 192 but lower volume, great album ,thanks again.

Juppel50 hat gesagt…

Dankeschön, Ghost

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Great LP.

Thanks Ghost.

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