Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

carl graves - carl graves (1975)

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carl graves - a1 - heart be still
carl graves - a2 - don't throw it all away
carl graves - a3 - my whole world ended
carl graves - a4 - how can i be a man
carl graves - a5 - baby don't knock
carl graves - b1 - welcome home
carl graves - b2 - you're gonna be all alone
carl graves - b3 - be tender with my love
carl graves - b4 - breaking up is hard to do
carl graves - b5 - that's the way love is

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hooch hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghosty!

Tom hat gesagt…

Thanks for the drop Ghosty

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Thank you very much

Soul Bonanza hat gesagt…

Very nice Ghosty, Thanks!

RonnieCreed hat gesagt…

yo thanks for this also.. been looking for it some time.. damn. you're my hero ghosty. there's always some lp's that i can't find on the vinyl stores so i usually check your page first :)

the rapper hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghosty!

Mr.Tone hat gesagt…

Great Post!!! been searcing for this song since the 70's