Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

terry callier - occasional rain (1972)

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1. Segue - Go Head On
2. Ordinary Joe
3. Golden Circle
4. Segue - Go Head On
5. Trance On Sedgewick Street
6. Do You Finally Need A Friend
7. Segue - Go Head On
8. Sweet Edie D
9. Occasional Rain
10. Segue - Go Head On
11. Blues For Marcus
12. Lean On Me
13. Last Segue - Go Head On

listen here


Tom hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghosty

Tommy hat gesagt…

thanks ghost

Elliot Knapp hat gesagt…

Super great album, make sure to check out the next two in his discography too! Just reviewed this one on my music blog too. Dig your site!