Samstag, 6. Juni 2009

jeannie reynolds - cherries, bannanas & other fine things (1976)

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1. The Fruit Song - 7:08
2. Hit and Run - 3:39
3. Unyielding - 3:33
4. The Feeling Ain't There - 3:04
5. I've Still Got My Pride - 2:52
6. You Want To Get Your Hands On a Woman - 4:20
7. LOok What Love Has Done To Me Ma - 3:26
8. I'm Lonely - 4:10
9. I Come Here To Party - 3:07

listen here


the rapper hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghosty! You are certainly on form today!

the rapper hat gesagt…

Seems to be a problem with this file Ghost, Folder unzips but none of the files will play. I've downloaded the rar 3 times to check but with same result.

ish hat gesagt…

Had no problem with files...

Thanks much for this. I have loved The Fruit Song forever, I don't know why I didn't know she had a whole album. Great music... so sad this singer came to a very sad end.

Vegheadz hat gesagt…

thanks ghost! nice one!!!

pedro hat gesagt…

sad one this one but won't go into that lj's sister 2 lps 2 hits writers and production all top people thanks

josé neves hat gesagt…

"the fruit song" it's a very refreshing happy song that i like very much, but i don't know the rest of the record, so, many thanks for this!

scottdavida hat gesagt…

Thanks for the post

bowlisha1 hat gesagt…

We we not allowed to play this album in my house so we used to sneak and play it when my mother went to work. She didn't like the lyrics. Thought they were too suggestive LOL. Looking at the lyrics to the music of today that seems bizarre.

Lost this in a fire years ago. It's nice to be able to hear it again. Thanks Ghosty!