Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

j.j. barnes - born again (perception 1973)

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A1 Can't See Me Leaving You (3:35)
A2 Time Is Love (3:30)
A3 Good Men Don't Grown On Trees (3:20)
A4 You Are Just A Living Doll (4:35)
A5 Wishful Thinking (4:40)
B1 You Owe It To Yourself (Part I) (5:25)
B2 You Owe It To Yourself (Part II) (3:00)
B3 No If's, And's, Or But's (3:40)
B4 I Just Make Believe (I'm Touching You) (3:45)

listen here


Niall hat gesagt…

Beautiful.........Many thanks from Dublin.


G MAN hat gesagt…

Man right on GHOSTY!!! This is a killer cd...much thanx for this one!I didn't get track 7 in the download. Is there anyway I can get that track from ya?



Simon666 hat gesagt…

Hi Ghosty, thanks for this. I've linked to here in a post about keyboardist Mike Longo

HG74 hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing!!!
Sure like this one...

RePeat hat gesagt…

thnx ghost

paradise love hat gesagt…

thanks very very good blog soul music merci beaucoup ( paradisesoulfunk )

MaxPtah hat gesagt…

this is dope ghost, thanks

flux_is_krux hat gesagt…

the strings on "leavin me" are fantastic... thanks

sodisfunk hat gesagt…

simply beautiful like's song from silk (production j.barnes prelude 77), simply beautiful like's you for all you do for us, many thanks from france , take care of you!!!