Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

larry young's fuel - larry young's fuel (1975)

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A1 Fuel For The Fire (6:07)
A2 I Ching (Book Of Changes) (6:25)
A3 Turn Off The Lights (7:03)
B1 Floating (4:12)
B2 H + J = B (Hustle + Jam = Bread) (6:17)
B3 People Do Be Funny (3:42)
B4 New York Electric Street Music (8:33)

listen here


invisiblenigma hat gesagt…

This Looks Good!! Much Thanks Ghosty

Soul Fusion Productions hat gesagt…

Producer J Dilla used some samples from the song "Turn Off The Lights" on Slum Village The Fantastic Vol. 1 LP.

Tommy hat gesagt…

thank you

Juppel50 hat gesagt…

Danke, Ghost

the rapper hat gesagt…

Thanks Ghosty!

RePeat hat gesagt…

Thnx ghost