Dienstag, 25. August 2009

shawne jackson - shawne jackson (1975)

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A1 Get Out Of The Kitchen (3:06)
A2 Can't Make It Without You (2:56)
A3 I Apologize (4:00)
A4 Why Did You Spoil My Dream (3:49)
A5 Women Of The World (5:23)
B1 Along For A Ride (3:15)
B2 Prove It (4:46)
B3 Don't Wait For Tomorrow (5:07)
B4 The Greatest Love (6:06)

listen here


JAZZYPIER ♪ hat gesagt…

Vey thanks! I had it on vinyl, now it's returned home!
Thanks Ghosty!

cutz hat gesagt…


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Tommy hat gesagt…

thanks ghost

RePeat hat gesagt…

thnx ghost

troods hat gesagt…

I'll listen to any album that starts off with "get out the kitchen!!" Thank you much ghost.

brainsmashup hat gesagt…

I am SO happy to find this album on the web at last. Like jazzypier I had the vinyl but it's long since lost.

I believe this album was produced by her husband, Domenic Troiano, another local legend.
We took artists like this for granted in Toronto back then. I don't think many people from my generation do so anymore.