Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

carl carlton - you can't stop a man in love (1973)

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@ABC 11378

A1 You Can't Stop A Man In Love 2:50
A2 Drop By My Place 2:44
A3 Competition Ain't Nothing 2:35
A4 I Won't Let That Chump Break Your Heart 3:32
A5 Did You Mean It 2:33
B1 Born Just In Time 2:40
B2 Why Don't They Leave Us Alone 2:18
B3 International Playboy 2:22
B4 You Make Me Feel Like A Grown Up Man 2:28
B5 You Times Me Plus Love

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Andre hat gesagt…

thanks alot. im really feeling this one.

Mikey hat gesagt…

You are the fucking greatest!!!!!