Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

king floyd - well done (1976)

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1. Movin' On Strong
2. So True
3. I Really Love You
4. Can't Give It Up
5. That's Why I Love You
6. I Feel Like Dynamite
7. Try Me
8. I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You
9. If I Lie To You
10. I'm For Real

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Juppel50 hat gesagt…


Juppel50 hat gesagt…


niko hat gesagt…

Hi GHoSTFiNGeR,thanx for the post, but somehow the file doesn't open. Can't unrar it.
But anyway, thanx for the other stuff

the rapper hat gesagt…

I can't unrar this one either Ghosty!

GHoSTFiNGeR hat gesagt…

hmm it works here! please try again!

Soul Bonanza hat gesagt…

Great stuff! Many thanks!

PS. You do get an error message when unpacking - but it turns out that the winrar does open the folder anyway

Anonym hat gesagt…

Amazing stuff!

I am trying to find earlier work of his...
do you have any?

Like "Groove me" & "Don't leave me lonely"