Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

in search of orchestra - in search of orchestra (1977)

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@1977 AVI Records Distributing Corp.

A1 Time Traveler 8:27
A2 A Taste Of Ghosts 0:50
A3 Phenomena Theme 5:44
A4 An Atlantean Dream 6:54
B1 The Rise And Fall Of Vlad Dracula 8:00
B2 In Search Of....(Main Title Theme) 5:18
B3 Nazca Lines 2:58
B4 Easter Island Suite 2:50
B5 Afterthought 2:54

listen here


flux_is_krux hat gesagt…

good jazz funk.thanks for sharing!

alex hat gesagt…

many thanks ghosty!
great drop m8!
hope you are wll my friend!

the saucer people hat gesagt…

Wow! A uber-rare Rinder & Lewis release that I have been wanting to hear for a long time!

Many thanks to Ghosty for some serious crate digging!

Anonym hat gesagt…

QUESTION (if you're still posting on this blog):
If this is a rip taken direct from your own vinyl copy, why are Phenomena Theme and The In Search Of Theme encoded differently at 320kbps instead of 224 like the rest?

Is it possible you could make a repost to upgrade this copy to one that is encoded at a stable bitrate? It would be much appreciated.