Freitag, 7. August 2009

the moments - Not On The Outside, But On The Inside, Strong! (1968)

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01 Not On The Outside
02 I Won't Do Anything
03 Hurts On Me, Baby
04 I'm So Lost
05 Somebody Loves You, Baby
06 Sunday
07 Love On A Two-Way Street
08 Pocketful Of Heartbreak
09 Understanding
10 You Make Me Feel Good
11 Baby Let's Rap Now

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richsoul hat gesagt…

this is perhaps one of the first sweet soul album ever. It is ashame that the moments stayed mostly unappreciated. Thank you.

Killa hat gesagt…

Fuck yeah, this is the best album by the Moments no question. Thanks Ghosty

the rapper hat gesagt…

More Moments! Many thanks Ghosty!

troods hat gesagt…

I am so grateful for the moments' albums you're posting! I had them once upon a time on vinyl. seeing them again is a pleasure. Incredible group.